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Welcome to the brand new Specialty Center website.  The site is still under construction, so please check back frequently to see what new information has been added!

The Specialty Center Description

The Specialty Center at Hanover High School offers courses to students who wish to pursue training in Health Sciences, STEM, and Public Safety.  All Hanover County Public Schools students are eligible to register for these courses.  Specialty Center courses are designed to provide students with innovative, hands-on, skills-based, active instruction that will prepare students to enter the workforce or post-secondary education in the fields that they choose to pursue.  Students can apply to participate in the four-year Health Sciences Program, or they can register for stand-alone electives in Health Sciences, STEM, or Public Safety.  If you wish to learn more about the Specialty Center, please peruse the information on this site.  You may also contact Les Cook, The Specialty Center Coordinator; his contact information is listed on the right side of this and all pages on this website.

Specialty Center Programs

  1.  The Health Sciences Program:  9th and 10th grade students can apply for acceptance into the four-year Health Sciences cohort, where they will become full time Hanover High School students.  Health Sciences Program students’ schedules will be enriched with Health Sciences curriculum, and they will choose an area of specialization after their 10th grade year from the following career pathways:  Nurse Aide, Pharmacy Technician, Sports Medicine, Emergency Medical Technician, and Biotechnology Research and Development.  At the completion of their four year programs, students will be able to sit for examinations to earn health industry certifications.  This program is designed to help students begin working towards their career in the health care industry, whether they plan to immediately enter the workforce or attend college for further training.
  1.  STEM Electives:  Students can enroll in any of the two credit elective courses in the Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science, Health Science, and Public Safety areas.  Any Hanover County high school student can register for these courses, and full time enrollment at Hanover High School is not required for participation in the STEM elective courses.  These are exciting, hands-on classes that provide students with a unique opportunity to practice skills that could be used careers in these fields.
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Specialty Center Coordinator Info

T. Les Cook

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