The Application Process for the Health Sciences Specialty Center


The Applciation Process for the Health Sciences Specialty Center will be available on November 15th.  The applciation will be available on this page below on November 15th.  Completed applications are due February 1, 2016.

The Health Sciences Program:  This is a full-time, four-year program at Hanover High School designed for rising 9th and 10th grade students interested in a Health Sciences Career.  The application can be accessed by clicking on this Link:   Health Sciences Application Link

The Specialty Center Electives:  These courses are stand-alone, double-blocked electives in which students from any Hanover County high school can enroll.  Students do not have to complete an application to enroll in these courses.  When you speak with your counselor during the registration process, express your interest in the electives and you can make a course request for your 2016-2017 schedule.

Specialty Center Information

Chandra Rhue

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