Specialty Center Electives

The Specialty Center at Hanover High School offers Stand Alone elective courses to all Hanover County High School Students.  Students do not need to be enrolled full time at Hanover High School to register for these Courses.  The stand alone elective courses are listed below; a link to a document for full course descriptions can be found in each section of electives.

STEM Electives

Electronics I, II, and III

Engineering I and II

Design, Multimedia, and Web Technologies

(Click on the link:  STEM Elective Course Descriptions)

Public Safety Electives

Public Safety I

Firefighting I and II

Emergenty Medical Technician (EMT) I and II*

Criminal Justice I and II

(Click on the link:  Public Safety Elective Course Descriptions)

Health Sciences Electives

Nurse Aide I and II*

Pharmacy Technician I and II*

Sports Medicine II*

(Click on the link:  Health Science Elective Course Descriptions)

*The Starred courses are being phased out out as stand alone elective courses over the next two years.  In the future these courses will only be available in the Health Sciences Program.

Specialty Center Information

Chandra Rhue

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